Frequently Asked Questions


General information about KarmaCheck.

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To view the status of your background check or download a full consumer report when complete, log into the following URL with the email address used to invite you to the background check process and the password you created when submitting information:

To receive a reset password emai, go to the following URL and submit the email address used to create your account with KarmaCheck:

Adverse Action

Information about the Adverse Action process.

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Adverse action is an action taken by an employer against providing business or employment to a candidate based on the information gathered through their background check. This denial of business or employment can include negative outcomes such as termination of employment, refusal of promotion, loss of existing benefits or offering a lesser position to a candidate.

By law, a potential employer can only access your criminal and credit history for employment if the candidate has authorized this review. In addition, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires that the potential employer follows certain procedures if they are denying a hire, promotion or any business on the basis of the information received from a candidate’s background check report.

To stay compliant with FCRA, employers are required to follow a certain set of rules that inform a candidate/employee about an adverse action decision being made based on his or her background check report. This includes the below:

  1. Pre-Adverse Action Notice: A notice that is provided to the candidate informing them that an employer will not be moving forward with the hiring process based on the findings in the background check report. The candidate will be provided with a copy of their report along with a document on their rights under FCRA.
  2. Candidate’s Review Time: The candidate is given a reasonable amount of time (typically 5-7 calendar days) to review their report and address any inaccurate information.
  3. Adverse Action Notice: Once the review time has been completed and the candidate has been given a fair opportunity to dispute incorrect information on the report, the employer must take a decision regarding the candidate's hire.

In addition to the FCRA laws, the employers must also comply to the requirements under state and local fair opportunities and ban-the-box law that are created to reduce discrimination towards ex-offenders during hires. Some finance industry jobs, and healthcare worker jobs are off-limits to ex-offenders, but other federal equal employment opportunity laws (state and local) deny the exclusion of candidates on the basis of their legal history. Employers are required to obey such laws along with the FCRA or partner with vendors like KarmaCheck, Inc to process background checks in a compliant manner.

In the case of a pre-adverse action, the candidate should consider doing the following:

  1. Check if the information in the report matches your history.
  2. If information is incorrect, contact KarmaCheck to inform of the inaccuracy and present any document(s) or evidence that shows the information is inaccurate.
  3. If the information is accurate and there is a history or explanation you’d like to provide, address the matter directly and mention any relevant information you would want the employer to know.

After the candidate has requested for reconsideration for the particular position with the employer, and the employer has still denied employment; the candidate can review his or her rights to make sure that they have been treated lawfully. If the employer has stayed compliant, the candidate should accept the decision respectfully.